We are the Wisconsin Paranormal Research Team

Thank you for checking out our site.  We are made up of members from the Menomonie/Eau Claire area.  We are a completely free service.  If you need help we will always be there for you.  We consist of members with various backgrounds.  Every person on our team have had their own paranormal experiences.  We serve the people of Wisconsin with whatever it is that they need.  We take all cases related to possible ghost/spirit/demon locations.  If you need help, make us your first call.

 As a group, we have grown to accept God and Christ Jesus in our lives because in our battles we all have learned that we need to have faith.  As we go out to help people we keep him with us at all times because the worst thing is to go to a place and not be prepared.


As we go out on a case we ask for some information about what happened, where it happened and who it happened to.  We serve people as it comes to us and by importance.  Our biggest problem is when the spirit world is affecting families.  We then ask for a tour of the home and locations of the events and then do interviews with every person affected to get as much information to what happened.  Then we go to work and do our best to help you.

As of right now we are currently looking for new members. 

As we grow with more members we also seek help from other paranormal groups.  We seek their help with investigations, questions and helping with reviews.  We are partners with the Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigators.  Their web site is located below 

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